Pumping station P88 at the Dead Sea

Client: Dead Sea Works.
Year: 2013 -2015
Location: Dead Sea


The aim of the project is adjusting pumping station P-88 to the water decline level, of the Dead Sea, by relocating delivery pumps 60 m. east towards the sea and lowering them at about 12 m. The project included Deeping of the seabed at the pumping area by dredging; and construction of steel structure for pumps installation at the new location. The building was equipped with a crane.

Description of work:

  • Dismantling and refurbishment of existing pumps and installing at the new location.
  • Deepening underwater canal that leads to the suction area.
  • Driving piles at the sea for the pumping structure foundation.
  • Extending of Delivery pipes D-1630 mm, East towards the pumps. Building bridge from
    pipes to connect between the existing stations to the new location.
  • Construction of steel bridge structure which was covered with concrete plates.
  • All the constructs were built on steel piles foundations which were derived by offshore
  • Construction of temporary dock.
  • Driving Sheet piles wall at the length of 120 m to the depth 18 m.
  • Diving works for obstacles removing
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