remote operated vehicles

Mer Terre operates a wide range of ROV systems from small “swimming Camers” observation class ROVs through Survey and light work class ROV’s to 150hp Work Class ROV.

ROV systems are operated and maintained according to the following list and other regulations that may be required by clients:

  • IMCA R004 – Code of Practice for the Safe and Efficient Operation of Remotely Operated Vehicles.
  • AODC 035 – Code of practice for the safe use of electricity under water.
  • IMCA C 005 – IMCA guidance on competence assurance & assessment – Guidance document and competence tables – Remote Systems
    & ROV Division.
  • IMCA R 002 – Entry-level requirements and basic introductory course outline for new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) personnel.
  • IMCA R 005 – High voltage equipment – safety procedures for working on ROVs.
  • IMCA R 011 – The initial and periodic examination, testing and certification of
    ROV handling systems.

We envisage to supply our clients with the best, cost & time effective, high quality project products by utilizing our innovative ideas, experience and capabilities.
Mer Terre is “One Stop “solution for your offshore project requirements.

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